Fritz Energy and Engineering Ltd., the engineering firm handled by Famalco Group, have expertly completed a detail of impressive works at the VC Service station in Għargħur. Engineers of the firm were responsible for a complete rebranding of the station, including an addition of a car / jet wash as well as a totem pole with Enemed corporate branding elements attached.

VC Station Rebranding by Fritz

With the entire project commencing and concluding all in the space of two weeks, Fritz Energy were able to revise the entire site’s structure and transform it into a service station built to the highest standards. Work commenced as planned, the engineers first task consisted of them carefully removing the previously existing canopy’s fascia, the jet wash’s fascia and the totem pole panels.

Once they fitted a newer and more durable fascia panels on all required equipment, a series of red aluminium LED strips were installed with the aim on improving the visual aesthetics of the station, especially in the evening. Fascia panels were finished off with both Enemed and VC logo branding on 3 sides, giving them a professional and impressive look from every angle.

The second phase of work consisted of the Fritz workforce working on the car and jet-wash. Like the installed canopy, the car and jet wash’s fascia were rebranded to Enemed requirements with the addition of red and white colours on the cover panels to maintain the brand’s colour scheme, while the totem pole was set up to carry both Enemed and VC logo’s, whilst still providing the client space for advertisements.

Final touches were then done to the shop in the forecourt area, in an effort to match all components of the service station to the same quality and scheme previously agreed on. While the installation of each of these phases took place over the two weeks, engineers at Fritz Energy made sure that the service station was still in a position to be fully operational, ensuring that customers of the station were not affected by the rebranding and upgrading.

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