Harley-Davidson is a name in motorcycling which is immediately recognizable and connects people from all around the world. The all-American motorcycle manufacturing company is currently hard at work fine-tuning their latest dynamic line-up for 2020, guaranteeing a host of new machines designed and strengthened by the brands storied philosophies. Through these machines, Harley-Davidson continues to inspire their customers and enthusiasts to seek the thrill of the ride, atop their revved-up motorcycles itching to discover the excitement of freedom in the road.

Harley-Davidson up for 2020!

Through their many motorcycles, Harley-Davidson has directly influenced the industry over a number of generations. The traditional company roots of the American brand have helped create designs of truly timeless beauty, long admired, appreciated and coveted by the public. In the present day the Harley-Davidson brand is bigger and stronger than ever, boasting with it a dedicated community known as the Harley-Davidson Owners Group (H.O.G.) and countless die-hard fans in every corner of the world.

Understanding that the best and only way to maintain their top-dog status in the industry is by continuing to produce machines which excel and embody the spirit of the company, engineers at Harley-Davidson have buckled down, working very hard to produce their newest host of incredible vehicles. The 2020 line-up promises some of the most visually appealing designs in motorcycling merged with the latest technology and supreme uncontested performance.

While keeping cards firmly close to their chest, it is understood that Harley-Davidson will release new street, electric, sportster, softail, touring, trike and CVO models, most of which will soon be available on the island and displayed at Malta’s own Harley-Davidson Experience showroom in Attard.

Harley-Davidson up for 2020!

Within the model range, the company has already confirmed the launch of the 2020 Livewire, their first electric bike, that will feature along with two similarly futuristic bikes with all-new technology and built-in connectivity.  According to the company, the new models and their new technologies are part of Harley-Davidson’s plan to “accelerate building the next generation of riders through new products in additional motorcycle segments, broader access and a commitment to strengthen dealers globally.”

With an eye out for the future, while keeping a firm grasp on their historically epic past, Harley-Davidson’s future models will promise the latest technology blended with the traditional roots of motorcycling the American brand is known and loved the world over for.

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