Harley-Davidson have continued to make strides towards their goal of moving beyond a traditional market boundary and evolving dynamically with the increase and discovery of new riders. The 116-year old company has made several announcements following the EICMA motorsports show in Milan between the 7th and 10th of November, indicating their desired push towards diversification.

“During the show, the American Motor Company officially revealed two of their most widely rumored and speculated motorcycles; The Pan America and The Bronx”

During the show, the American Motor Company officially revealed two of their most widely rumored and speculated motorcycles; The Pan America and The Bronx. Seen as bikes which operate far outside the traditional cruiser segment Harley-Davidson is routinely associated with, these bikes follow in the footsteps of the Livewire electric motorcycle released earlier this year.

Harley-Davidson’s pursuit of product diversification continues

Unveiled during a quarter of increased international sales, the two new bikes are being aimed at bringing in new converted audiences into the Harley-Davidson fold, ensuring that their release in 2020 will bring with them a new chapter in the colorful history of the storied brand.

First of the contemporary machine investments is the long awaited newly titled Pan America, a heavyweight dual-sport adventure motorcycle with heavy off-road capability. Although stating that the motorcycle shown during the EICMA show and currently on their website remains a prototype, it’s fair to say that the stylish and tough demeanor proposed by the engineers at Harley-Davidson will not be up for debate, ensuring their new riders will have the option to favorably compete with the other similar high-end machine manufactures, such as KTM.

The second machine unveiled during the event was the motorcycle concept known as The Bronx. Quickly graced as one of the most modern designs produced by the company, The Bronx is being hailed as being one of the most high-tech sporting machines unlike anything else ever released by Harley-Davidson, styled in a stripped down, high-performance Streetfighter design.

With the brand recognition of a global franchise like Harley-Davidson, diversification and investments away from their traditional ventures, stems new prospects offering countless possibilities into the progress of contemporary motorcycle design. Harley-Davidson’s objective to continue their brilliant and classic cruisers, while also adding options for a newer generation of riders, will surly make 2020 a historic and interesting year for the American company.

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