Local Maltese company Famalco Group, is a business that thrives on the diverse portfolio of international and local brands they manage, and on their willingness to explore new avenues and set up fresh and existing ventures. Their success over their years of operation has been through bold decisions, smart and strategic planning and the acquisition of talented individuals hailing from a number of varied professions.

 busy year for famalco group
Now nearing their 25th year of growing operations on the Island, Famalco Group manages a varied array of businesses in a number of industries, including logistics, investment partnerships, property development, real estate services, retail and hospitality, marketing and communication, mobility, business solutions, earthworx, energy and engineering.

“The group’s success over its years of operation has been the result of bold decisions”

These industries have allowed them to develop local companies such as Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders ltd., Faceworks, and Fritz Energy & Engineering, as well as establish, maintain and grow international companies such as SsangYong, Domino’s Pizza and Coldwell Banker Real Estate. Over the last year Famalco have once again proved they have what it takes to handle and expand brands in Malta. With 2019 seeing more development from a business standpoint, Famalco Group saw the introduction of a new company; iGO ride-hailing, the establishment of a new Domino’s Pizza store in Fgura, their maintained international employee training scheme grow along with their continuous work within the community.

Famalco Group is always at a constant strive to continually emulate their years of success. The group is always actively working on a number of exciting projects, and looking at investments aimed towards the upcoming years, both in Malta and beyond its shores. With these exciting new plans and many future business arrangements in the works, Famalco Group is determined to continue their philosophy of seeking ambitious individuals steadfast in their desire to grow their career alongside company goals and achievements.

If you feel you have the core values that fit Famalco’s DNA, that is “honesty, humbleness and hunger to grow” feel free to give us a call as we welcome anyone who has either an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial spirit to join us. Call our Business Development Unit on (+356) 2339 2339 or visit www.Famalco.Net from where you can address us an email with your thoughts and feedback. Famalco | Building Business.