Swedish manufactures Husqvarna have already began early preparations on their newest motorcycle line up for 2020. The pioneering brand promises to exceed the high expectations of their customers by continuing to produce bikes with exceptional designs, offering an honest, true and real riding experience.

Husqvarna is one of Sweden oldest company finding its founding roots in 1689, it was however only in 1903 that the focus of the manufactures switched onto motorcycles. At a time when 45 km/hour was considered an impressive speed, Husqvarna’s lightweight engines quickly began to make their mark across track racing, earning the Swedish manufactures a number titles in Motocross World Championships along their way.

The Husqvarna brand has since established itself as a highly respected name in motorcycle culture across the globe. Their motorcycles are considered an expression of their perseverance, innovation and evolution over their years of operation. Husqvarna frequently challenge pre-defined motorcycling concepts, leading the industry into progressive and uncharted territory. With a promise of making urban motorcycling more accessible to newer rider, as well as tuning up and progressing on their notions of outdoor exploration, the 2020 line up promises to take riders to a new level of motorcycling.

Already confirming the 2020 update for their Vitpilen and Svartpilen models, Husqvarna promises to refresh the simple design in stylish progression. Both models detail subtle and style focused simple aesthetic designs on the motorcycles with innovative attention to detail. The models are geared up to once again become renowned icons of the urban motorcycling scene, encouraging free-thinking riders with progressive lifestyles to enjoy the beautifully simple and agile thrill of the ride.

Not forgetting their Enduro heritage, Husqvarna has also released details on their newest outdoor motorcycle range. As masters of the outdoors, the Swedish manufactures see the exploration and excitement of the outdoor as their obligation towards their riders. Information pertaining to their range of offroad 2020 motorcycles is readily available, with each desirable model guaranteeing the raw, natural and intuitive feeling, blended with the standard innovative design and attention to detail Husqvarna are known for.

As the latest information on the new 2020 motorcycles is still being released, official distributors of the Husqvarna brand in Malta, Fapi Motors Ltd, have proudly stated that they are very much exited and ready to receive and display the new range of 2020 Swedish motorcycles in the upcoming months in their Attard showroom.

Fapi Motors are the official distributors of Husqvarna motorcycles in Malta. Visit the Husqvarna showroom at Mdina Road, Attard or send an email to for more information. One can also follow the Husqvarna Motorcycles Malta Facebook page to keep abreast with the latest updates. Fapi Motors is a Mobility Business Unit within Famalco | Building Businesses.