Can car rental services in Malta help improve the island’s problems? Right Cars Vehicle Rental Ltd., are primed to answer this very question following their immediate and imminent commencement of operations. With company aims of continual expansion, Right Cars are promising the public a host of improvements within the industry, setting themselves as an attractive proposal for anyone desiring car rental services.

The Right Cars brand will be operated under franchise by Malta based Falco Rent-A-Car Ltd. Co-founder of Right Cars and company chairman, Mr Rick Little proudly stated “We are very pleased that finally we have found a franchise operator for the Right Cars brand in Malta who shares our vision; to deliver a first-class service at extremely competitive prices.” Mr Rick continued to say that, “having just spent a week in Malta together with the Malta Right Cars operations team that shall manage the day to day car rental service, I am totally convinced they will offer a better level of service than is currently available on this beautiful island.”

right cars rental service

True to the pledge of guaranteed professional service, Right Cars have established a portfolio of vehicles on offer from all the lasted models, ranging from small economy class to luxury vehicles. The services are poised to be offered at highly competitive rates, offering both tourists and business travellers an independent mode of transportation.

Although new to the islands of Malta, the international Right Cars brand is rapidly expanding, with more and more locations coming online. The company is set to release its newest range of additional service for its client’s satisfaction regarding the MaaS (Mobility as a Service) marketplace, all of which have already been confirmed for available within Malta in January 2020.

Fleet executive Mr Lawrence Saliba charged with managing Right Cars operations in Malta commented by saying that “after following the Right Cars brand growth in various international markets, we felt this was opportune moment to join together with the brand and tap the Maltese market, as we considered that Right Cars strategy for value for money was in line with our mobility vision.”

With future developments of expansion and the releasing of new products and services already in motion, Right Cars Vehicle Rental Ltd, is set to become a highly dominant player in the mobility arena. The company has confirmed that an announcement regarding the new services and products (available for both traditional Car Rental services and Mobility services) will be held in the upcoming months. For more information about Right Cars Vehicle Rentals, contact us on (+356) 2339 2336 or (+356) 2339 2339. Right Cars is a Mobility Business Unit within Famalco | Building Businesses