iGO-Famalco accelerating forward

Since the Group’s inception back in 1994, Famalco has always steered its brands towards market penetration and success.  Almost 25 years later Famalco is still pursuing excellence, picking up new brands and dropping them off at their destination, your doorstep.

iGO Famalco

The Group’s varied portfolio of brands is a clear indication of its strategic winning formula based on diversification.  Through a combination of business acumen, industry intelligence and creative marketing, Famalco was able to push forward and expand into multiple sectors over the years.  With interests in an array of industries, both in Malta and beyond our shores, the Group has seen strong and steady growth in strategic areas across the board.

Famalco’s keen understanding of what it takes to nourish a brand to success is precisely what allows the Group to keep driving forward and investing in new exciting ventures.   With this intention to grow further, a new venture and promising brand has been added to Famalco’s already strong portfolio.

Through the identification of an underserved market niche, innovation and a recurring drive in pursuing excellence, Famalco Group will be entering the mobility sector with a new customer service offering. The new service will be offered under the “iGO” brand which will carry the tagline “I go, you go, let’s go”

“It’s a project everyone at Famalco is very excited about. We’re investing a lot of energy and man-power into developing it. We want it to be a success!” said Business Development Director and co-founder, Hermann Mallia.

Keep your eyes on the road – you don’t want to miss this turn!

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