Delivered and Delicious Domino’s

The world-renowned specialist in pizza delivery has its popularity growing year by year. Domino’s has become a widely beloved international brand for pizza lovers across six continents in which it holds a presence. Originating from its humble American roots, Domino’s through its consistency of quality, usage of only the best ingredients and its fast delivery has developed a strong brand promise.   All this in combination with innovation and technology which today makes it so much easier to order and to track your delivery.

Domino's Delivery Malta

The American franchise started back in 1960’s by the two Monagham brothers when they purchased a store named ‘DomiNicks’ pizza in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  In the upcoming years the business was renamed to ‘Domino’s Pizza’, and due to its rising popularity with the locals, additional store openings across the state.   In the early 1980’s Domino’s Pizza began its international expedition with the opening of their first store on the Australian continent in Queensland, and by the end of the 80’s the company boasted over 5,000 stores around the world.

Over the next years, Domino’s invested into improving technology, adding new items to their menu, and continuing their strong presence at both international and local markets.  It’s fair to say that by this time Domino’s had become an incredibly popular global brand, everyone was taking notice and wanted to get their hands on a delicious slice.

Domino’s focus on its growing brand is only exceeded by company’s desire to be the distinguished leaders in delivery.  Through innovative technology like the ‘Domino’s Pizza Tracker’, where customers can follow the creation of their pizza step by step, and other offers and deals over the years, the company has always ensured that the delivery time is of the upmost importance and that information is always readily available to their customers.

With their quality known all around the world, it was only a matter of time till Domino’s hit the Maltese Islands. Already celebrating their first successful year of delivering delicious pizzas, Domino’s has quickly becoming a favorite for locals and foreigners alike.

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