Industry Leaders Fritz Supply Totem Poles for Enemed

Established 2nd December 2008, Fritz Energy and Engineering Ltd. are marking their 10th anniversary as a leading specialised engineering company under the parentage of Famalco Group. Engineers representing Fritz Energy are highly specialised to assist with anything related to fuel Service Stations including refurbishments, supplying of dispensers, underground tanks as well as implementation of other technologies.

Fritz Supply Totem Poles for Enemed

Some of the totem poles supplied by Fritz Energy and Engineering.

Through years of hard work and constant progress, Fritz has established itself as a leading player in the industry. The recent upgrading of Malta’s first Enemed franchised forecourt earlier this year, helped showcase the momentum achieved in the last 10 years of operation. As a result of this specialisation, Fritz has also worked on the rebranding of the Pit Stop Service Station in Attard. Both stations were subjected to Enemed branding, as well as the latest design and technologies according to EU guidelines ensuring the utmost safety on the forecourt.

An important method of showcasing the reinvigorated Enemed branding on the service station, was the supply and installation of 6-meter totem poles. These poles serve as landmarks for the Enemed brand as they contain both the franchise’s logos and colours, whilst displaying the different prices and fuels available for purchase within the specific service station. Fritz’s endeavour to install a total of 20 totem poles for Enemed across the Maltese island is well on its way, with the first few at Pit Stop Service Station in Attard, F. Busuttil Service Station in Bir id-Deheb, Automarket Service Station in Zebbug, Sterling Service Station in Gzira and Falcon Service Station in Gzira, already operational. Works on the other service stations associated with the Enemed brand will continue as planned throughout the year.

Famalco Group’s Co-founder and Director Hermann Mallia, commented on Fritz’s future works, stating that the companies will surely continue to thrive as a result of their dedication and quality products. “In 2019, Fritz shall continue to provide the best quality products and the finest technology when it comes to forecourt supply and safety. Our new totem poles have been designed with the customer in mind, as they clearly display fuel pricing and the ambient temperature”. In future, Fritz Energy and Engineering are planning to work on more service stations across Malta and Gozo always striving to provide the best possible service on the island.

For more information about Fritz Energy & Engineering, contact us on (+356) 2339 2339 or visit us on Fritz is the Energy and Engineering Business Unit within Famalco | Building Businesses.