SsangYong Tivoli Orange

Korean automobile manufacturer SsangYong have just launched the new 2019 edition of their Compact Utility Vehicle (CUV) Tivoli. Released under the slogan of “I am me, I am Tivoli”, the new model features enhanced safety, performance, style and price competitiveness.

SsangYong Tivoli Orange Malta

This 2019 Tivoli model features the new ‘Orange pop’ color palette, in an effort to symbolize the vitality, youth and energy that the Korean manufactures bring to their products, whilst also serving as a sporty and invigorated vehicle for thrill seekers and stylish individuals looking to set a new trend.  The new Tivoli model both looks and handles more fun, proving its identity through contrasting colors and sporting a different fashion style to other models on the market.

The exterior of the Tivoli showcases an elegant, practical and durable external design, together with functionality and innovative technology. The clean front end of the car features slick LED lights incorporating a modern feel.

These features blend perfectly into a handsomely crafted profile and tidy rear quarters, providing owners with a considerable luggage space of over 420 liters. The sharp angles around the vehicle, along with its bulky and firm shape make the Tivoli feel and look like the grounded tough car it is.

SsangYong Tivoli Orange Malta

To go along with the excellent exterior design, SsangYong have gone all out with their exceptional detailed styling for the interior of the new Tivoli model. The inside of the vehicle, in terms of attention to detail, design and functionality, is in a league of its own.  The chucky D-cut steering wheel looks and feels fantastic, complimented up front with a large touch screen displaying clear dials, tire pressure monitoring systems, climate control memory and many more functions available at a touch of a button. The Tivoli is there to serve at its owner’s convenience. Rich leather seats along with an abundance of space in the vehicle for 5 adults make the ride extremely comfortable, especially for long drives.

With the aesthetics of the Tivoli raising the bar, the performance of the vehicle is also by no means lacking behind. Offering driver’s great ride quality at any speed, the Tivoli’s suspension easily absorbs lumps and bumps on the road, whilst its handling makes it easy to smoothly navigate around tight corners.

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Engineers at SsangYong take the feat of safety within their vehicles immensely serious. It’s no surprise that the Tivoli comes equipped with some of the best safety features available on the market. In a released public statement, SsangYong stated that the Tivoli achieved the highest rating possible for AE-MDB side-impact collision tests through its 7 airbags and advanced high-strength steel covering 40 percent of its body.

To view the new SsangYong vehicles, visit the SsangYong Motors Malta dedicated showroom in Attard which is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm, and on Saturday between 9am and 1pm. For more information, call (+356) 2339 2340 or (+356) 2339 2341 or (+356) 7979 8998. You may also send an e-mail to info@smotor.mt for more details. SsangYong Motors Malta is a Mobility Business Unit within Famalco | Building Businesses.