In the last ten years, bikes have been improved, refined and moved closer to the ideal machine. Electronics are fantastic, suspension, brakes, ergonomics and weight are at an all-time best and the choice of machines is wider than ever. The Enduro market playing field has managed to remain level up until the 2017 EXC launch.

KTM have taken each model and rebuilt all the integral elements of its architecture. It is a huge undertaking; eight completely new models released in just a single year, and six completely renewed MX models with the most notable change lying in the ergonomics. They’re slimmer, smoother and a touch lower in seat height. Moving around, transitioning from standing to sitting and vice versa, or getting far enough forward on the seat has just gotten a whole lot easier. You now find yourself more on top of the bike and a little more in charge.

KTM claims the new carburetor offers a collection of improvements, including a bike that is both easier to jet and needs less jetting. Ultimately, KTM’s new model updates are something of a marvel. Every single model is better than it was. The base ergonomics are more sporty and more agile. The engines have made every model coming out more refined. It’ is a pleasant stock setting that, for the vast majority of riders, will work well in most situations. The range has a bike to suit everyone and your chosen model will, without question, be the best one you can buy.

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