Fruitland Uniform

With a UV index of 10 throughout the month of June, it seems to be that as we are rapidly approaching the peak season, the UV won’t be going down anytime soon. Putting on sunblock everyday before leaving your doorstep is one way of protecting your skin from the burning rays of the sun, but wouldn’t it be better if there was an easier and more natural way of making sure you are less likely to get sunburnt? Lycopene is the pigment that gives tomatoes their bright red colour and is also known for naturally providing the body with its own SPF thus protecting you from the sun.

Now given that tomatoes are noticeably red, you can imagine how much Lycopene one tomato contains. Take that and double it, that is the amount of Lycopene found within one of Fruitland Company’s Guava fruit, a tropical superfruit that has an SPF of 6 within just one fruit. If that alone doesn’t impress you, the Guava contains five times as much Vitamin C and 70 times more fibre than found within one orange, giving you a 600% of your daily recommendation of Vitamin C intake. It is also the least chemically treated fruit in the world to date, as its tough exterior does not need any pesticides to protect it.

Fruitland Company is situated in Pitklali Road, Attard. For more information about where you can find the Guava, contact us on info@Fruitland.Company.