KTM motorcycle, are known the world over for their motorsports dominance, their excellence of motorbike manufacturing and of course their district orange color.  Within motorsports the unique character, power and prestige of the KTM motorcycles is very well known to both their fans and competitors around the world.

KTM Sales Europe

The Austrian motorcycle manufactures have happily announced that sales of their motorcycles across Europe continue to rise, despite the economic challenges facing the continent. Stefan Pierer, chief executive of Austria’s KTM Industries AG stated “I’ve been totally surprised” as unit sales grew by 10% from last year, continuing “Europe has been sensational this year.”

KTM, which also owns the Husqvarna motorcycle brand, has been able to exceed market expectation and double annual unit sales over the past 5 years. While the all predictions targeted a revenue growth from 1% to 5%, new models have boosted this up to around 10% towards 2021, with an expectation of unit sales reaching 400,000 and revenue hitting €2bil!

Accelerated plans are in place to capitalize on the exponential growth seen by the Austrian manufacturers, with a number of new models already getting the green light. These models are in the stage of design, and include a 390cc, single-cylinder enduro bike this year and a touring model with a lightweight two-cylinder engine for 2020.

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