Famalco Grouo AAA Event

Posted: 4th June 2015.

Last April, Famalco Group employees together with relatives and friends met at the AAA animal sanctuary in Marsa to lend a helping hand to our furry friends. The event lasted the whole afternoon where those who attended walked some of the dogs resident at the sanctuary. Afterwards, the sanctuary was presented with a cash donation of €250 and a bucket load of dog food, which was generously donated by the Directors and employees.

AAA – Association for Abandoned Animals was set up 8 years ago, where it currently hosts around 90 dogs. A total of 5 volunteers meet on a daily basis in their spare time to tend to the dogs. They clean the beddings and the sanctuary, serve food, buy medicine and rescue stray dogs, amongst other chores. To increase the chances of adoption, AAA has teamed up with foreign animal organisations, but this arrangement is costly as it has to cover flights, passports and vaccines. AAA spends around €1,500 monthly and it solely survives on donations. Day to day expenses include rent, food, veterinary bills, medicine, electricity, water, and travelling arrangements.

Employees at Famalco Group are delighted knowing that we were of great help for the association, and knowing that we relieved some of the burden for the AAA. We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the sanctuary for their hard work and dedication.


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