Famalco Group’s engineering firm; Fritz Energy and Engineering Ltd., have successfully completed a detail of impressive works at Nicks Service Station in St. Paul’s Bay. The turnkey specialists were trusted with the upgrading of all equipment, as well as a full refurbishment of the fuel station.

“The project kicked off with clearing all equipment from the site”

The project which commenced in late January, consisted in changing the tanks, pipes, dispensers as well as installing a new canopy. The project kicked off with the decommissioning and clearing all the existing equipment from the site, in order to make space for the excavation and demolition required to house the new fuel and drainage tanks, pipes and the canopy foundations.

Nicks Service Station by Fritz Energy

Once the excavation process had been completed, a bedrock of works began with the installation of pressure tested pipework followed by the fitting of the new model tanks required by the service station. Works quickly moved on to the construction of the forecourt surface, where a number of safety tools were implemented into the service station design; such as leak detection equipment, safeguarding the environment from any exposures, an automatic tank gauging system, removing the employee’s need to manually check the level of product with dipstick and the installation of dispensers with vapour recovery, drastically reducing fumes on the forecourt. Project works continued with the installation of both the canopy and totem pole, each completed with visible Enemed branding and full fuel price display.

Fritz Energy & Engineering Ltd., finished off the project by ensuring all installed equipment was functioning at optimum levels and that all calibrations of dispensers were according to MCCAA guidelines.

Co-Founder and Director of Famalco Group, Hermann Mallia stated that Fritz Energy are a hugely important part of Famalco Group. Fritz Team staff are highly dedicated and passionate about their work. Projects like the Nick’s Service Station are a great way for Fritz to show off their capabilities and efficiency.

As the company continues to grow, their mechanical and electrical engineering content is continually being revised and updated with the intention to cater towards more complex projects and increased service content, enabling Fritz Energy and Engineering to become a prominent engineering firm in Malta.

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