Charity football

As the whole world follows the crème de la crème of the beautiful game, politicians and entrepreneurs accepted Vida Magazine’s invitation to play a charity football match in aid of the children at the Dominican Sisters’ crèche in Zabbar.

Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Lawrence Gonzi and Opposition Leader Hon. Dr. Joseph Muscat inaugurated the Vida World Cup Charity Appeal at the St. Aloysius College Sports Complex, Birkirkara on Thursday 3rd June. Through the campaign Vida Magazine is encouraging the public to donate money for the building of a new playground for the children living at the St. Joseph Children’s Home in Zabbar. The honourable guests were welcomed by Richard Muscat Azzopardi, Vida’s managing editor, and the directors of Famalco Group Sandro Mallia, Hermann Mallia and Etienne Mallia. The latter also joined the business representatives’ team playing against the MPs. Vida Magazine is published by Focused Knowledge Ltd, Famalco Group’s media, marketing and PR division.

Children at the St. Joseph Home currently spend their free time in a rundown playing field – the swings are rusted and their seats are disintegrating. There are no proper safety carpets to stop the children from injuring themselves – instead there’s just a rough concrete surface. Recently the Works Department of the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs offered to help the crèche renovate this yard. They will be providing architectural services and the required structural works. However, the Dominican Sisters still face several expenses to cover most of the materials and equipment required to complete the project.

“We thought it fit that while we are enjoying the best of football magic we also make sure that children can enjoy their games too,” Muscat Azzopardi said before the game. Through its June issue Vida invited the Maltese and Gozitan people to donate money to help make the children’s playground a safer place to play in. Sister Angelina, one of the nuns who take care of the children at the crèche, thanked everyone involved. “We know that you all have important things to attend to, and to leave all that behind for a while to come and help us is a very special thing. It is a very noble act, as the background these children come from is inconceivable to many of us – that is why your help truly encourages us to continue working with these children.”

Former international referee Charles Agius officiated the game, which ended with the score of 9-1 in favour of the businessmen. The event was featured in all local newspapers and news websites, as well as in the 8’o clock news of all local television stations.

Click here to join the Vida World Cup Charity Appeal Facebook Event Page and to find out how you can donate.

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