Fahrenheit Gonzi

From Left: Prof. Dulger, Prime Minister Dr. Gonzi, Ms. Zoeller and Mr. Mangion

Prominent Fluid Controls Limited thanked Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders, and its international logistics partner ITG, for years of support and for its assistance in the building of a new plant in Malta, which was inaugurated last month.

Prominent, an international electronics company specialised in water treatment and fluid metering and controls technology, used Fahrenheit’s freight forwarding and logistics services to bring to Malta the sophisticated equipment installed in the new plant at the Bulebel Industrial Estate. Famalco Group’s freight forwarding company and ITG also provides Prominent with all the freight forwarding and logistics services required to transport raw materials and products to and from its factories in Malta, and over 40 countries spread in four continents.

Prominent’s first operations in Malta started in 1988. Today, the German company has three manufacturing plants in Malta employing over 100 engineers, technicians and skilled workers. During the inauguration ceremony, Chris Mangion and Carmen Zoeller, on behalf of Fahrenheit and ITG respectively, met Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and Prominent chairman Professor Viktor Dulger.

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