Raise the Off-Road Game with the Husqvarna Enduro TE 300 Pro and FE 350 Pro Models

Raise the Off-Road Game with the Husqvarna Enduro TE 300 Pro and FE 350 Pro Models

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Cheer up for the brand-new additions to the Husqvarna Motorcycles Enduro range; the 2-stroke TE 300 and 4-stroke FE 350 2024. These are impeccably designed for Enduro riders to excel in the unprecedented terrains of Enduro racing. 

Both the TE 300 Pro and FE 350 Pro are expertly built with new frames, subframes, bodywork, suspension, brakes, and a variety of engine upgrades to give them an edge and elevation. These Enduro bikes are distinguished from their predecessors because they prioritise making continuous enhancements to overall rideability while still delivering exceptional performance. The technical upgrades made on these two motorcycles will be instantly acknowledged and helpful to riders.

Engine Power:

TE 300 Pro: Throttle Body Injection (TBI) technology powers the TE 300 Pro engine, which is based on the brand-new 2024 Enduro range. TBI provides more constant and controllable power across the rev range, even in the most demanding circumstances, and was developed to maintain the best-in-class performance of these lightweight 2-stroke machines.

FE 350 Pro: The innovative engine of the FE 350 Pro is well known for producing class-leading power and torque because of a new, significantly more efficient DOHC unit. When compared to earlier models, the two-degree tilt back in the frame of this model helps to improve the centre mass and increases the chassis’ anti-squat qualities. Additionally, to maximise handling and provide the most torque and power, all important engine components have been placed as centrally as possible. Up shifting on the FE 350 Pro is smooth owing to its Quick Shift sensor.

Updated Features:

The upgraded Enduro-specific WP suspension with its predictable damping lets you tackle technical components with total confidence and control. These models come with a hydro-stop at the last 68 mm of travel that aids sustain momentum, and also a mid-valve piston guarantees smooth action and consistent performance in the WP XACT closed cartridge fork. With an upgraded piston for a more accommodating action, the updated WP XACT shock is 100g lighter and 15mm shorter yet retains 300mm of travel. The fork and shock settings are also manually adjustable for a quick and simple customised setup.

Body Work:

What makes the looks of these beasts awe-inspiring is the flamboyant restyled bodywork trimmed with contemporary, Swedish-inspired graphics. Concurrently, the updated high-grip seat cover complements the altered form flawlessly. 

When the revamped ergonomic rider triangle caters to increased knee contact for better control, the slimline bodywork offers full range of motion when riding upright. Not to be overlooked is the LED headlamp, which has an excellent brightness and a more effective and convenient mounting system.

General Attributes:

The improved electronics in both models take Enduro riding to new heights. With each gear paired to a specific power delivery, the Engine Management System (EMS) enables each bike to offer two preset riding maps to suit various terrain. Even while carrying a heavy load, the 4-stroke model provides additional rider aids including traction control and a quick-shifter for positive up shifts.

Premium components shared by the TE 300 Pro and FE 350 Pro demonstrate Husqvarna Motorcycles’ innovative outlook. These include a new LED headlamp, ProTaper handlebars, Michelin Enduro tires, a new Factory Racing wheel set with high-strength EXCEL Takasago rims, Brembo hydraulic clutch and brake systems with high performance GALFER discs, and a combined Start/Stop button. A broad spectrum of premium features set the Pro models apart from rivals.

Common Technical Features:

  • New competition-inspired graphics
  • Brembo hydraulic clutch and brake systems authorized by Factory Racing; 
  • GALFER front and rear brake discs; 
  • WP XACT Closed Cartridge front forks with more progressive end-of-stroke damping; 
  • WP XACT rear shock design with tool-free adjusters and CFD-optimized main piston
  • New Factory Racing wheelset with high-strength EXCEL Takasago rims
  • Polyamide skid plate with additional linkage protection
  • Front and rear brake disc protector
  • Supersprox rear sprocket
  • Soft compound ODI handlebar grips
  • Multifunctional Map Select Switch on both models, which also activates the Quick shifter and Traction Control on the FE 350 Pro
  • Off-road Control Unit (OCU) for the highest level of reliability and user-friendly serviceability of electronics
  • Superior LED headlamp with simpler fitting and a greater light output
  • Premium-quality ProTaper handlebar
  • Electric starter that runs on a compact Li-Ion 2.0 Ah battery

Perfect Range of Apparels:

The functional off-road apparel collection, a wide selection of waterproof apparel and riding gear made specifically for Enduro competition lets the Enduro riders equip themselves for every race. Many Technical Accessories are already included with the TE 300 Pro and FE 350 Pro, and more can be purchased to improve performance and longevity.

Riders out there! Never settle down for less when you can get the brand-new Husqvarna 2-stroke TE 300 and 4-stroke FE 350. Take the roads not taken and explore the various facets of Enduro racing. 

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