SsangYong Malta is very excited to announce that the latest SsangYong model; the Musso Grand 2019, a vehicle upgraded from the familiar Musso pick-up, has officially arrived on the Maltese shores, ready and more than willing to awe the public with its upgraded elegant design and hard-hitting increased performance.

Grand Musso Malta

Originally, when being revealed for its first screenings in Korea earlier in January, the vehicle was promoted locally as the ‘Rexton Sports Khan’ specifically due to the name’s popularity within the Asian market. However, as the official global debut of the vehicle at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show edged closer, SsangYong Motors decided that in an effort to maintain an established familiarity with the brand and the vehicles, its name would be changed to the ‘Musso Grand’, a fitting title that the public had already become fast accustomed with.

The Musso Grand’s boasts an incredibly bold, tough and muscular stance. SsangYong have stated that their exterior design was inspired by the element of the ‘dignified motion of nature’, a core principle pursued within the Korean motor company’s philosophy to base their vehicle design appearance off natural form. Many of the upgrades implemented along the body of the vehicle have left it looking even slicker and more direct, complementing its sharp curves as they accentuate the incredible progress the design team have achieved since the previous model.

Grand Musso Malta

The interior of the vehicle has also been completely remade in order to bring a level of increased refinement and contemporary ambiance more akin to a premium SUVs. Although still boasting the same feeling robustness and durability we’re used to, engineers at SsangYong have taken the chance to improve passenger comfort and luxurious space, implementing increased legroom and elbowroom in all accessible areas of the vehicle.

The new Musso Grand is 31 centimeters longer than its previous counterpart, with a 5.4 meter-long body. The height and wheelbase have also been increased by 1.5 centimeters and 11 centimeters, respectively. The long-bodied vehicle is highlighted by an increased load capacity of 1,262 liters, which enables the Musso Grand to carry up to 700 kilograms on its deck, up by 75 percent from the previous model’s 400 kilograms.

The Musso Grand ensures the safety of both its driver and passengers through new state-of-the-art technologies, including a newly developed ultra-high-tensile quad frame as well as the addition of 6 airbags, curtain airbags and side airbags. The Musso Grand features best-in-class 79.2% high-tensile steel, enabling weight reduction and body strengthening, as well as a quad frame made with 1.5-GPa ultra-high-tensile giga steel.

Grand Musso Malta

The 2019 Musso Grand is an evolution of engineering and vehicle image, designed with driver and passenger convenience in mind. The additional enhancements placed within the Musso Grand have elevated the already popular SsangYong pick-up vehicle name to critical acclaim, with many drivers already keen to try their hand behind the wheel.

To find out more information about the Musso Grand or to view the new SsangYong vehicles, visit the SsangYong Motors Malta dedicated showroom in Attard which is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm, and on Saturday between 9am and 1pm. For more information, call (+356) 2339 2340 or (+356) 2339 2341 or (+356) 7979 8998. You may also send an e-mail to for more details. SsangYong Motors Malta is a Mobility Business Unit within Famalco | Building Businesses.