A flurry of substantial investment by the head offices managing Coldwell Banker, has left branches of the real estate brand all over the globe feeling rejuvenated, modernized and prepared to give opportunities to keen individuals ready to take on the next step towards the progression of their professional pathways.

Across the world, the Coldwell Banker brand represents a philosophy of agents committed to the people they serve and community they are established in. The American real estate company has instilled its core values within all branches through which it operates, ensuring personal representing the brand are delivering with full focus, aiming on surpassing the high expectations they place upon themselves.


Understanding the power and reputation behind such a respected and admired brand, agents are tasked with operating with an increasingly high standard in delivering extraordinary results to their clients. The company boasts more than 3,100 independently owned and operated franchised broker offices in 44 countries, and thousands of independent sales professionals, easily making it one of the largest real estate companies around the world.

Having a large and diverse family around the globe has prompted Coldwell Banker to invest heavily in all aspects imaginable of the business. The company boasts some of the most comprehensive integrated technology, built specifically to make the job of their professional agents easier and more streamline. To go along with numerous fantastic background tools, agents from around the globe are frequently advised and encouraged to attend Coldwell Banker sponsored training events, such as the renowned Blue Generation conference. These help facilitate new agents into the daily routine of being an agent representative of a global brand, as well as help share and learn from major players in the industry and professionals hailing from different cultures and backgrounds.

The Coldwell Banker system is designed around getting the best from its agents and supplying them with every tool imaginable to be able to succeed as their task. Achievements of the real estate brand are continually celebrated by their personal, who no longer feel like they compete within the industry but actually raise the standard to a higher degree with their professionalism and consistent improvement.

Coldwell Banker have proven time and time again to be a reliable go-to real estate agency for individuals across the Maltese Islands. Through their fierce philosophies of striving to be the best and going the extra mile, the brand has established itself as a reputable company for professionals looking to join their ranks, or engage in mutual business.

For more information on Coldwell Banker Malta call (+356) 2339 2339, send an e-mail on info@coldwellbanker.mt or visit us on www.coldwellbanker.mt. Coldwell Banker Malta is a Real Estate Services Business Unit within Famalco | Building Business.