Founded 107 year ago,  is a historic food company set up and based in San Francisco, California. With a serving area of over 100 countries, the company’s nuts, walnuts, almonds and other snack foods find themselves in the households of people all around the world, and have of course made their way to the shores of Malta.

Diamond Foods malta

Teaming up with local business Famalco Group, Diamond Foods find their products distributed by Fruitland Company Ltd., a Fresh Produce Business Unit within the group. The fruit company also handles a number of produce from numerous suppliers in Europe, Africa and America, such as the famous yellow GIOIA® bananas and red Valentina apples.

For Fruitland, giving individuals the power to maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle is the most important factor in their operations, acquiring Diamond Foods to the portfolio was a natural step into achieving it.

Diamond nuts come with a serious scientific list of health benefits not easy to dismiss. Their walnuts are known for being rich in antioxidants, and are a super plant source of omega 3s, significantly lowering the risk of heart disease by a substantial amount. Evidence shows that adding such products to your diet helps to promote a healthy gut, supports in weight control and good brain function and helps with healthy aging. Although still early in studies, there is also an indication that walnut products may also help lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of some cancers and decrease inflammation.

Diamond of California employees are well versed in the responsibility and importance of handling their products with care, with their nuts being the only ones individually branded and checked for any imperfections. The sense of care in their operation is one that they hope translates into the taste and improved quality of their overall product.

For more information about Fruitland, or any of its products, please call on (+356) 2339 2339. Fruitland Company Ltd. is a Fresh Produce Business Unit within Famalco | Building Business.