Transform the E-Enduro Racing with the GASGAS ECC Electric Bike Triplets!

Transform the E-Enduro Racing with the GASGAS ECC Electric Bike Triplets!


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If you’re the one who gets excited about the challenging world of E-Enduro, wait no more to grab one from the GASGAS ECC electric bike triplets, the ECC 6, ECC 5, and the ECC 4. The e-bike triplets manufactured by KISKA design are developed on the toughest trails in the UCI-E-Enduro World Cup. GAGGAS asserts that the ECC triplets are their brand-new generation of eMTB. 

What makes the race-oriented ECC triplet bikes exemplary is the full-carbon frame, finished with size-specific rear triangle, cutting-edge motor, suspension technology by SRAM and DVO powered by WP. The ECC e-bike triplets are designed to push your boundaries and hunt an adrenaline rush on every ride. 

Common Traits:

The Solid Design:

The 100% purebred GASGAS, the ECC bikes are made with utmost detailing and perfection after going through comprehensive tests and credentials. The ECC electric bike models are crafted with an all-new carbon frame capable of overpowering the toughest of the E-Enduro tracks. The e-bikes have a chassis with 160mm travel that is capable of speed at the highest level. The size-specific rear triangle bears additional customised feel of ride when you choose from the available S/M, M/L or L/XL sized frames.

The optional armour inspired from GASGAS moto-heritage acts a design feature along with being functional. Additionally, the skid plate and lightweight plastic kit provide added safety against abrasions and fast collisions.

Transform the E-Enduro Racing with the GASGAS ECC Electric Bike Triplets!


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SRAM Eagle Powertrain Unit:

The SRAM Eagle powertrain drive unit is the uniting factor of the ECC electric bike triplets. Totally a comprehensive eMTB system, the SRAM Eagle powertrain is intended to deliver a reimagined power program to reproduce a far more natural pedalling venture.

A special SRAM software program, up to 90 Nm of torque with 680W of peak power, two support levels termed rally and range, and additional auto and coast shifting options are some of the salient characteristics. In addition to being incredibly quiet, it prevents power losses when riding very hard. The SRAM Eagle powertrain of the e-bikes uses materials that are heat-resistant, which offers better thermal performance and longer power delivery, limiting power losses during extremely intense riding. With minimal energy usage, the all-inclusive eMTB technology allows you to go farther on a limited battery capacity. The NEWMEN 29″ wheels of the ECC bikes come fitted with super-sticky Maxxis rubber that caters to deliver ultimate control of the bike.

DVO Powered by WP:

The ECC 6 and ECC 5 bikes come with DVO powered by WP, which is a unique collaboration between two established entities from different backgrounds of MTB and moto. In order to create safety, desirability, and confidence, WP’s moto-proven cone valve technology is coupled with DVO’s trusted hardware. 

Given the additional dampening produced, the cone valve damper in the 170mm travel, 38mm fork, and coil shock work similarly to a blow-off valve, enabling you to ride higher in the stroke. Because of this feature, serious effects from excessive bottoming out are averted. In addition, it helps lessen hand numbness and rider weariness on lengthy descents as well as the washboard noise of braking bumps. Out of the 3 ECC electric bike models, the ECC 4 e-bike is paired with RockShox suspension.

Transform the E-Enduro Racing with the GASGAS ECC Electric Bike Triplets!


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ECC 6:

The best model among the ECC electric bike series, the ECC 6 e-bike comes with World Cup podium certifications. ECC 6 is the bike designed appropriately for racing with the strongest of full-carbon frame and geometry with the size-specific rear triangles offering a modified appeal. The latest wireless components, SRAM drivetrain with a 12-speed XO Eagle Transmission and AXS Pos Ultimate Controller makes the ECC 6 electric bike elevated. SRAM Code RSC delivers ultimate braking, and the wireless RockShox Reverb AXS dropper post holds things neat and orderly. 

ECC 5: 

The second-tier member of the ECC electric bike series, the ECC 5 e-bike is totally new. It comes equipped with chassis mirrors similar to the ECC 6 with a whole carbon frame and 160mm travel. Size-specific rear triangles are again standard, helping to boost the benchmark of a customised ride feel and great trail agility. A 12-speed SRAM GX Eagle transmission drivetrain with SRAM AXS Pod ultimate controller, 4-piston SRAM G2 RS brakes with 200mm rotors complete the list of components.

ECC 4:

The seminal addition in the all-new E-Enduro eMTB ECC electric bike range, the ECC 4 e-bike is race ready with World Cup podium credentials. The sturdy carbon frame and size-specific rear triangle of the ECC 4 e-bike is designed to deliver an unrivalled riding feel that caters to flawless handling on the most challenging of tracks. The SRAM components can be seen on the ECC 4 as well with a 12-speed GX Eagle drivetrain and GX Eagle crank arms, SRAM DB8 brakes placed on 200mm SRAM centreline rotors. Enduro thrills are guaranteed in the ECC 4 e-bike with the 170mm Rockshox ZEB Select+ front fork, with 160mm Super Deluxe Select+ rear coil shock.

Get ready to steal the show with the ECC Electric Bike Triplets that feature advancement and comfort. Nothing can stop you from winning when you have the ECC bikes with you.

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