VIDA has been publishing its magazine every first Sunday of the month for 82 issues now and in the past few months, it has made great efforts to branch out into new territory and take over the world of social media. The VIDA team has seen the potential in the type of content that a lifestyle driven magazine could produce on different platforms. For the past three months, VIDA has taken on a whole new life online, thanks to fresh material being posted on a daily basis, ranging from generated articles to relatable quotes and lots of competitions.

VIDA keeps track of special days throughout the year to let you know of the craziest celebrations that are taking place globally. It covers all matters concerning travel, current matters, food, beauty and so on. It even gave the opportunity for two lucky winners to experience the craze of the summer, Dinner in the Sky, via a facebook competition that gave out a total of 4 tickets together with exclusive bottles of Verve Cliquot champagne to runner ups.
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