VC Station Rebranding by Fritz

In any sector of work, the learning and development aspect of the job must always be carried out with care and vigilance. The world of engineering is no exception; it is only with the appropriate knowledge and specialisation that a company can be confident enough to provide its client with a suitable service and a high quality product.

In light of this, Fritz Energy sent one of its engineers, Samuel Mamo, for special training regarding the installation and commissioning of Gilbarco distributers for specialisation of fuel dispensers. Training was provided on Vapor Recovery and Monitoring: Hydraulics and Electronics Training in Salzkotten, Germany, with the aim of helping those present understand the dispenser as a machine with its various constituents in its whole entirety.
Fritz Energy is the local distributor for the international brand Gilbarco Veeder-Root. The training provided by Gilbarco themselves enables local representatives to better understand what service and product is being offered, as well as understand how to utilise such possibilities to the best of their abilities.

Fritz Energy feels that such training programmes are essential if the company aims to keep itself updated with the latest related technologies within the market. For more information about the services offered by Fritz Energy and Gilbarco Veeder-Root products, you can visit, send an e-mail to or call on (+356) 7979 7055.