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Fruitland Co. Ltd. is proud to announce that it has added Planet® citrus and Mela Valentina® to its portfolio of retail brands, which also includes GIOIA® Bananas, Diamond of California® and Fatina®.

Fruitland Co. Ltd. imported its first consignment of Planet® oranges and clemenules in the beginning of November which also coincided with the opening of the Spanish citrus season.  Torres & Schuback, S.L., brand owner of Planet® has citrus production areas in Valencia and Andalusia, and the company is able to satisfy customers’ demand throughout the whole Spanish citrus season (September-July) with fresh product.  Besides producing its own fruit, Torres & Schuback, S.L. has developed strong trading relationships with other growers in the aforementioned areas, who share the company’s views on product quality, varieties’ development and follow strict quality control systems such as GLOBALGAP and BRC.


The province of Trento, or Trentino as it is commonly known, is a mountainous region and an important producer of apples with annual production of about 450,000 tons accounting for about 20% of Italian production.  Trentino is particularly well-suited to the growing of high-quality fruit and Valentina apples are the result of the dedication and passion of over 350 fruit growers.

Over 500 hectares of apple orchards are cultivated by adhering to strict quality guidelines that ensure only the freshest and highest quality apples are marketed under the Valentina brand.  The first Mela Valentina was imported in Malta by Fruitland Co. Ltd. on 9th December 2014.

Valentina Apples

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