Following the 2011 acquisition by Mahindra Group, Korean motor company, SsangYong, have been steadily growing their influence around the world, and have established themselves as an excellent vehicle manufacturer. Recent re-works and iterations of their well-renowned models have left the public under no illusions in regards to their desire to become a prominent name in the automotive industry.

Surprisingly SsangYong
While releasing new models of their historic brand names over the years, the Korean manufactures have also maintained in their stride an evolution of brand philosophies and values to match with customer needs and expectations. SsangYong have spent a considerable amount of time analyzing the European and global market, seeking to offer the public truly well-built and better alternatives to the current ones on sale.

A firm declaration and demonstration of their progress was made to the public with the release of their remodeled Tivoli vehicle. The Tivoli proudly showcased the direction that the company was taking, with its elegant and practical design, combining functionality and innovation. The Korean manufacture aimed to put the vehicle into a league of its own, both in reference to its aesthetics as well as performance.

Along with the Tivoli, SsangYong released their Rexton, Musso, Musso Grand and Tivoli XLV, all receiving the widespread critical acclaim the Korean manufactures are fast becoming known for. The vehicles, each undergoing their own unique detailing, performance enhancing and safety considerations remain some of the finest vehicles out on the market, available locally in the SsangYong Motors Malta dedicated showroom in Attard.

Now nearing the end of the year, SsangYong have released their final model of the decade, the Korando 2020. Premiering in front of a global audience at the international, 89th Geneva Motor show in Switzerland, the 4th generation Korando showcased its incredible style, design, vigor, performance ratings and safety features.

SsangYong have stated that the new model has been revised, reworked and redesigned to offer their divers a uniquely constructed center of comfort, safety and satisfaction. The improvements done to the vehicle perfectly showcase the Korean manufactures philosophies and beliefs when it comes to the construction of comfort transportation. Readily available in Malta, the Korando 2020 promises to not only keep improving SsangYongs reputation, but elevate it to new heights.

To view the SsangYong model range, please visit the SsangYong Motors Malta dedicated showroom in Attard which is open from Monday to Friday between 09:00am and 18:00pm, and on Saturday between 09:00am and 13:00pm. For more information, call (+356) 2339 2340 or (+356) 2339 2341 or (+356) 7979 8998. You may also send an e-mail to for more details. SsangYong Motors Malta is a Mobility Business Unit within Famalco | Building Businesses.