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The saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ has never been more accurate than in the case of the rambutan, a fruit imported by Fruitland Company. With its spiky exterior and less than appealing aesthetic, the fruit looks as if it has just come out of an alien apocalypse movie where it starred as the main antagonist. However, the seemingly prickly shell is nothing but a thin soft exterior protecting a delicate pearly white fruit within.

The rambutan is to South East Asia what the apple is to Europe, with ample nutrients that help generate red and white blood cells, boost immunity, is high in fibre and iron and extremely low in calories. No wonder they’re crazy about it. All you need to do to eat the fruit is pierce the soft shell with a knife and peel the skin off like you would do with an orange. You will be left with a sweet inner juicy fruit, said to taste slightly similar to a tangy grape. Watch out for the seed inside, as biting the seed will leave a very bitter after taste.

Unlike most fruit, the rambutan does not continue to ripen once picked, but starts to decay if left unattended. This makes the fruit available for a limited time and consumed best one to two days after purchase, when firm and vibrant in colour. Shrivelling spikes are the first sign of deterioration so watch out for them when buying, but since Fruitland Company makes sure to import only the highest quality of fruits, this should not be an issue.

Fruitland Company is situated in Pitklali Road, Attard. For more information, call (+356) 2339 2343.

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