Last Saturday 7th May, Famalco Group’s workforce met up at the Ta’ Qali grounds for a competitive game of paintball despite the disagreeable weather. The event was part of the monthly group building activities which Famalco hosts. A total of 16 members were present and divided themselves in two teams, Desert Team and Land Team, which were led by the respective directors. The rainy weather only helped attendees get into the competitive atmosphere, leading the Desert Team to a striking victory which wrapped up the successful event.

The affair was organised by the Famalco Group’s events committee. Each month, the committee meets up to think of fun activities which the members can do together outside of an office environment. Famalco’s directors agree and continue to enforce that these events are the key to having a positive co-existent vibe in the work place and a way of getting to know the people you see for the majority of your day in an environment which is not intimidating.

The next event will take the group to another sport related activity where they will try Zorbing, an alternate experience of playing football. The event will take place on Saturday 20th May in Pembroke.

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