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Last weekend, the Valletta Waterfront was bursting with life thanks to the Colourfest event which formed part of the annual spring festival organised by the Valletta Cruise Port. People were immersed in outdoor activities, entertained with live bands and greeted with numerous stands, including the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Stand providing lifestyle advice and testing for blood pressure, blood glucose and BMI. The stand added to the vibrant colours with fruits sponsored by Fruitland Co. Ltd, which provided visitors with refreshing fruit throughout the whole activity.

At this point, you may be questioning what the relation between fruit and colour is. Studies show that the colour of a fruit indicates the health benefits that it contains. Lycopene, the natural plant pigments that give red fruit their bright colour is known to be a strong antioxidant, helping to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and keeps your heart healthy. Similarly, Caretenoids give citrus fruits their orange and yellow colour which later converts to vitamin A and helps take care of your eyesight. Green fruit and vegetables get their green colour thanks to their chlorophyll content; the darker the green, the higher the source of folic acid. And don’t worry if it’s colourless, as Allicin is known for depriving white fruit from its colour and contains an anti-bacterial element which helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Fruitland Co. Ltd is looking forward to the next collaboration in a series of many with the Ministry of Energy and Health. For more information call (+356) 2339 2343 or visit our premises in the Ta’ Qali Area.

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