Faceworks Excavator

Faceworks, the demolition, internal alterations and excavation company set up early in 2009, reported a successful first year and announced it will now be expanding its operations to provide new services.

During its first year this Famalco Group company set up a fleet of state-of-the-art new Volvo and Iveco excavation vehicles and a team of experienced operators and drivers. The new machinery gave the company a considerable advantage over other excavation companies and it quickly built a reputation for being able to carry out excavation works that cannot be completed with older machinery. It secured several large-scale demolition and excavation works including major construction projects in Msida, Qormi, and Zebbug.

In 2010 the company is seeking to promote the services it offers to homeowners. The modern equipment the company uses means that it can also carry out several works in built-up areas, including minor alternations to residential homes, without putting neighbouring properties at risk. No job is too small for Faceworks. Its compact excavators are narrow enough to drive through a house doorway (a width of less than 1 metre), and they have rubber tracks (rather than metal), which means that they can be driven through a living room or a garden without damaging the tiles or paving.

This flexibility means that Faceworks can also offer:

  • Excavation of wells in gardens, basements, garages or other buildings
  • Excavation of swimming pools
  • Excavations and alterations in agricultural areas
  • Internal alternations in houses/apartments, including opening of doors and demolition of walls
  • Demolition of washrooms/upper floors for redevelopment
  • Alternations in houses of characters/farmhouses
  • Removal/shifting of debris, soil, and construction waste

For more information, a site inspection, or a detailed quotation, contact Nathan on (+356) 7905 6660 or (+356) 2339 2260.

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