Employee Suggestion Award

Paulette Spagnol‘s proposal to regularize the use of the company vehicles available to office staff is the first winner of the Famalco Group Employee Suggestion Scheme.

Ms Spagnol, a clerk at Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders Ltd, was presented the prize – a cheque of €250 – by her Head of Department at the end of February. Less than a month after announcing the scheme the Heads of Departments recently met to discuss the first proposals submitted by the staff and voted to select the first winning suggestion.

The winning suggestion targeted a problem which was costing the company expenses amounting to thousands of Euros as well as a lot of waste of time.

The Heads of Departments agreed to implement Ms Spagnol’s suggestions immediately. Their decision was based on several factors. The detailed suggestion did not only identify a spoke in the wheel of the group’s operations, but also proposed feasible solutions that could be put to practice straight away. Moreover, through the new arrangements, both the directors and the employees stand to gain. They cut down the number of traffic fines incurred by the company cars. At the same time the newly-implemented proposals mean that these vehicles can be constantly kept in good condition and, as a result, be more accessible to the employees.

The Heads of Departments agreed that the Employee Suggestion Scheme Award will continue to be awarded to employees who submit effective, feasible, proposals that, when implemented, boost the success of the group and its companies.

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