This month’s team building event for the Famalco Group gave employees the opportunity of a life time; physically tackling their colleagues in a game of football Zorbing. The event involved playing a fun packed game of football whilst encapsulated in a double balled plastic and air-filled suit, giving a great twist to the classic game.

Football Zorbing is an up and coming sport, initially introduced in the extreme sports scene back in 1998. The zorb balls allow for a hilarious version of the beautiful game, with players usually more keen on knocking each other over than actually scoring a goal.

The event for Famalco Group had a very successful outcome, and even gave the referee a go at the game when one of the members accidentally knocked him over with one of the Zorbs. The air-filled plastic ball provided participants with bounce and protection resulting in half the players rolling around on the ground with laughter for half of the time spent playing; although if we’re being honest, most of the rolling on the ground was more or less involuntary.

The event was a part of the Group’s team building event programme, which provides employees an opportunity to get to know their workmates in a friendly environment outside the office. This allows for a stronger team that works better together, because as we all know, happy employees make for happier clients.

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