Football: the world’s most popular sport, eagerly watched and played by millions of people around the world. From a casual kick around to playing in a local team, football appeals to a wide audience, and fundraising events such as the Football Marathon hosted by Puttinu Cares between the 27th and 29th of May are popular occasions. Most people are familiar with the basis of the game, but do they know the dietary preparation that is required before the actual game kicks off?

So what food should you eat before playing a big match? Football players from around the world have shared their pre-game routines on various social media platforms and one common suggestion includes a quick energy boosting meal around 90 minutes prior to going out on the field. Bananas are particularly recommended in such situations as bananas provide a high proportion of carbohydrates which are quickly converted to energy, making it an ideal quick energy hit.

Bananas boost recovery, increase energy and enhance overall performance. Dr. Steward Laing, a qualified nutritionist known for advising professional footballers’ dietary requirements reiterates that bananas benefits the heart, muscles, nerves kidneys and skeleton.

Fruitland Company sponsored the supply of GIOIA banana for Puttinu’s Football Marathon, ensuring that players were well nourished throughout the event. The GIOIA banana brand imported exclusively by Fruitland Company is sweeter and has a higher nutrient content than some other bananas, due to its source of origin. For more information about where to find the GIOIA brand call on (+356) 7980 8085.

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