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Fritz Energy is currently busy working on a Malta Resources Authority project aimed at ensuring the safety of all fuel stations in Malta and Gozo.

Last year the company was contracted by the same authority to carry out an nationwide assessment on the state of Maltese filling stations in respect to European regulations. The authority has now asked all operators to carry out an individual assessment and implement the necessary safety measures. These include emergency switches, fire extinguishers, public warning notices and appropriate lengths of hoses.

Fritz Energy, Famalco Group’s energy division, is listed among a few Maltese service companies that are certified to conduct these assessments. In fact, most of the fuel station operators chose the company’s services for this important project.

Fritz Energy Petrol Station

Ryan Fava, one of Fritz Energy’s engineers, is currently visiting several fuel stations to inspect them and help their owners identify the changes that need to be made to bring them up to scratch.

In the meantime, Fritz Energy is also currently involved in the decommissioning of two old fuel stations in Valletta and in Gozo. The owners of these stations decided to close them down, and Fritz Energy is helping them ensure that they are dismantled safely and that no hazardous chemicals are left in the storage tanks or the pipeline systems.

For more information call Fritz Energy on (+356) 2339 2261 or (+356) 7906 0223 or email on

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