Tazzari Zero in Malta

Fapi Motors recently ordered the first Tazzari Zero for the Maltese Islands. The Zero is one of the most technologically-advanced electric vehicles on the market. Gone are the days where an electric car is a boring plastic toy – this is not only a serious vehicle, it is one which was built with no corner cut.

The electric vehicles we’ve had till today have all suffered from various problems – Tazzari sought to rectify all of them with its Zero. First of all we take the construction of the vehicle – with a frame built entirely from aluminium, the Zero is not only exceptionally strong but also very light in weight. This, combined with lithium-ion batteries and a strong motor, results in another set of related advantages.

Tazzari is aware of all the benefits it is offering and therefore chose to give drivers the option of driving the car in various modes – all indicated by four colourful buttons on the dashboard. The first, and probably most important, is that it benefits from an exceptional range – 140km on economy mode. This is more than enough for a full day in the life of a busy salesperson, let alone a private owner. This added benefit makes the Tazzari one of the most economical electric vehicles on the market.

Switch over to the red button and you can get to another benefit afforded to the Zero by the combination of its lightweight construction and strong motor – it turns into a very nippy and fun vehicle to drive. The acceleration is stunning, as is its handling. The car can also be driven on the yellow setting – which gives you a decent amount of power coupled with good economy. Finally you can opt for the most docile setting of them all – the blue button – which offers maximum traction and handling.

The vehicle is also offered with a high spec list – its standard features include alloy wheels, leather seats, leather trimmed steering wheel, electric windows and much more. It will be an ideal addition to all company fleets given how low the level of maintenance and consumption is.

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