Fra Brettel

Posted: 27th May 2015.

Fra BrettelThese are some of the varieties of grapes being grown this year at Fra Bettel Estates. 2015 kicked off with lots of rain and remarkably cold weather during January and February. The excellent temperature excursion between day and night temperatures throughout the winter months permitted the vines at Fra Brettel to enter full dormancy.

Dormancy enables vines to enter a complete shutdown, thus conserving the stored energy reserves inside their roots and trunks until the temperature rises again and the dormant buds can begin to grow with the aid of these energy stores. The cold weather persisted till mid-March permitting the vines to rest throughout the entire period, without any sudden bursts of growth brought about intermittent warm weather, which only results in unnecessary stress on the vines and bud loss.

The early varieties have all began to grow. The white Albariño and Moscato grapes are lush with new fresh green growth and so are the red Grenache and Negroamaro grapes. The moderate climate this winter enabled the vines to rest throughout the winter months, with the warmer spell in mid-March allowing the vines to emerge from dormancy at the same time. As a result, the buds began to grow together – a very important stage as the vines will mature evenly.

Varieties whose grapes mature towards the end of summer, such as the Syrah, Mourvedre, Vermentino and Viognier are just showing signs of new bud growth.

All at Fra Brettel are hopeful for another good harvest and so far the vines show great promise!


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