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Fruitland Co. Ltd and Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders Co. Ltd. have embarked on a major investment program for the Ta’ Qali warehouse and distribution centre. These two companies share a common 1,000 m2 facility which serves as a trans-loading point for Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders Co. Ltd. and a banana ripening facility/fruit warehouse for Fruitland Co. Ltd. Works have been ongoing for months; several planning and design hours have been invested in making sure that the available space fulfils the business needs of both companies and that operations run in an efficient manner.

Fruitland Co. Ltd. has installed a brand new 60 m2 cold room, new platforms for the banana ripening chambers and dedicated external fork lifter pathways. The banana ripening chambers have been relocated to the new platforms and the previous split level flooring has been eliminated so that both companies now have a 200 m2 open space which makes cross-docking easier. The Ta’ Qali warehouse and distribution centre has also been equipped with an external canopy, new LED floodlights, upgrading of the current electrical system, new office space with energy saving lighting, installation of CCTV and also a new kitchenette for the warehouse employees.

The aim of this investment is to improve efficiency and to continue improving the quality of our offer so that both companies are in a position to better face the challenges of the constantly changing marketplace.


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