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In light of the success of the International Food Festival in Mdina this weekend, 13th to 15th May, let’s take a look at a small part of the massive global fresh fruit trading business.

Needless to say tropical fruits, which most of us consider a luxury, grow in countries far beyond our reach; our only means of enjoying them is through importation. A favourite imported tropical fruit is the Mango, making it a great seasonal summer treat alongside other worthy mentions including papaya and pineapple. But what about the fruit that you consume on a daily basis which is not locally produced? According to F.A.O. statistics, the highest traded fruit is the banana, growing in great quantities of around 80 million tons per year in worldwide regions. Fruitland Company brings its signature GIOIA® bananas specifically from Central America due to their sweeter taste and higher quality.

Initially, banana importation was an unsustainable business due to the low technology available; the easily bruised fruit used to arrive to its destination too ripe to make a profitable margin. However, thanks to the introduction of refrigerating technology and modern transport services, bananas could be stored properly and travel further, creating a multimillion trade business. GIOIA® bananas, which arrive at the Fruitland warehouse green, are especially ripened to ensure the finest quality for clients.

Fruitland Company is happy to sponsor GIOIA® bananas for this event in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Health. For more information, call (+356) 7933 2425 or visit our premises in the Ta’ Qali Area.

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