Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders has introduced six new Iveco Stralis Euro VI trucks to their fleet this year, following another 6 truck increase in 2015 with the constant aim of providing clients with the best possible service in mind.

The truck’s capacity ranges from 19 to 44 tonnes with an evolved tector engine that regulates emissions due to its electronically governed exhaust flap. The increase in engine power improves comfort thanks to its reduced engine noise and vibrations which naturally provides a higher performance as well as reliable and cost-effective compact solutions. The engine range has been extended while simultaneously minimising fuel consumption and bettering engine breaking power to improve the overall safety of the user’s experience.

The post-system treatment optimises consumption, reduces system complexities and maintains the original engine power required by the vehicle. In all, a 2.33% reduce in fuel consumption has been noted, making this a cost-effective and environmentally friendly addition to Fahrenheit’s already substantially large fleet of trucks.

Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders has accumulated over two decades of experience in the sector, and currently owns one of Malta’s largest privately owned fleet, with over 200 trailers including reefers, box, tilts, hanging garments and more. The company offers a vast range of specialised services, including haulage in dry and reefer trucks as well as bonded and temperature controlled warehousing. Their aim is to constantly exceed the client’s expectation through offering hassle free solutions.

For more information Call (+356) 2339 2339 or send an e-mail to info@fahrenheit.com.mt.

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