Posted: 7th July 2015

“I remember giving talks to a group in the Philippines – that was inspiring. They were very eager to ask questions and learn more. That’s always positive and extremely encouraging. I feel a sense of fulfillment when I can contribute to someone’s development and growth.” Frank Borg pauses, replaying the memories of those whom he has trained over the years.

Frank Borg has recently joined the managerial team of Century 21 Malta with a specific focus on Training, Coaching and Franchise Development. Having lived in Oklahoma, USA, for 8 years and travelled extensively, he has recently returned to Malta and is using his experiences to help others, now even in the real estate sector.

“I’ve been delivering talks and provided training for close to ten years, and recently wanted to reinforce this with other activities. So I thought, ‘What could I do that’s both flexible and rewarding?’ It had to be something that would complement training, and selling property was the obvious answer. I have done this successfully over the last couple of years and haven’t looked back,” he says with a laugh.

Soon he switches tone and gets back to business. “My experience in Real Estate and enthusiasm for this sector empower my zeal to get Century 21 Malta off to a flying start. Entering the local market with Century 21 at this stage will be a challenge, but that’s something I enjoy and am looking forward to.”

“One thing I’m focused on from the outset is to develop a strong, credible team of Sales Consultants. I share Group Director Hermann Mallia’s vision of having a team that is completely customer-focused offering the best service, from the moment of initial contact to well beyond the signing of a contract of sale. We’re in the business of building long lasting relationships, where the Customer genuinely comes first,” he says with a friendly smile.

Frank continues to go over some other tales of his travels and real estate experiences as he finishes up. “All in all, Century 21 Malta is in a super strong position to launch its vision and move forward in this market. I am very bullish in my goals,” he ends, making it clear what his intentions are.


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