Posted: 3rd July 2015


In the last few months, new Summer and Winter uniforms were distributed to all employees working with Fahrenheit Freight Forwarders Co. Ltd., Faceworks Ltd., and Fruitland Co. Ltd.

Whilst these uniforms have the purpose of creating a good impression in the mind of our clients and the general public they also ensure comfort and safety. Company uniforms are also aimed at creating a sense of belonging and a feeling of equality between employees whilst instilling solidarity between one another and therefore delivering a ‘we are in this together’ attitude. Wearing the same uniform as others creates greater cohesiveness and imparts company values onto the employee.

The comprehensive list of new apparel includes: body warmers, rain jackets, summer t-shirts, winter t-shirts, trousers and shorts, high visibility vests, and safety shoes. Being in uniform puts one in the frame of mind of being at work and therefore representing the respective Company – safely, and in style.

Fruitland Uniform

Fahrenheit Uniforms

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