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Papayas are a great summer treat to have, with its refreshingly cool taste, 60 calories per portion and 220% of the daily recommended Vitamin C intake. Its high fibre content aids in digestive health and the diverse antioxidant filled vitamins and minerals that it contains help prevent cholesterol build up and heart disease. This makes it the perfect fruit to include in your 5-a-day; however, it also makes it a great fruit to use in the maintenance of healthy skin and to obtain a radiant appearance.

The papaya imported from Fruitland Company contains a ton of enzymes, which means that once applied to the face it will work to remove any dead cells and exfoliate the surface of your skin while keeping it hydrated through the Vitamin C properties. Further to this, the papaya is a great tool to brighten and whiten your skin naturally. These properties already make the papaya a great ingredient to have in a facemask alone, but other ingredients can be added. Combining it with natural yogurt, which serves as a soothing and anti-inflammatory agent that tightens the skin, and warm honey, which hydrates and moisturises, help make the papaya face mask even more effective. Blend everything together to create a smooth paste, apply by hand or with a make- up brush and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with cold water and pat dry; your face will have an instant, natural glow.

Fruitland Company is situated in Pitklali Road, Attard. For more information about finding this fruit, call (+356) 9945 5893.

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