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Nathan“We all make sense of the world around us through our own eyes, yet are heavily influenced by our environment. As a result, we may fail to reach our fullest potential as people and as employees because we don’t stretch ourselves enough. As a CEO, a business leader and an athlete, I have always pushed the boundaries of what is possible. The first step is understanding what those limits are, testing them out for yourself. With this knowledge you either face the hurdle and overcome it, or you take the easy route to nowhere. The challenge is to see beyond your limits, and then stretch yourself out of your comfort zone; that is where you achieve maximum potential – and with that, comes powerful self-confidence.”

Nathan Farrugia wears a lot of different hats. He is an endurance world record breaker, Chair of the Malta Voluntary Organisations Council, President of Inspire, and CEO of Ultimate Performance. His most recent role is one closer to home – as Business Consultant and Coach with Famalco Group.

His goal as a coach is to “elicit that stretch in people to reach their maximum potential, for themselves and for the business.” This can only happen when there is common purpose between the individual and the business goals. This is someone who last year ran 160km, swam 15km, and then cycled 440km in the Eurosport Ultramed Challenge and called that result “somewhat disappointing,” because whilst this raised over €50,000 for charity, he believes that he could have pushed himself even further.

“My aim with Famalco Group is to ensure that people become top performers in all areas of the business. They need to feel confident in their roles and have the space to excel,” explains Nathan. “Leadership is key, but this does not lie only in the role of management. All of us need to become leaders of our own roles and take responsibility for our actions. My role is to ensure that the business improves, but we can only do that with engaged people who want to achieve great results.”

He continues: “We need Famalco Group to be carried forward by the people within it. If everyone improves the way they do their jobs, or finds new and better ways to deliver performance, the collective result can be huge. It’s all about taking responsibility, with confidence that the business and its management is right there behind us. You’ll be seeing new initiatives to communicate more, share ideas, work as teams and collectively drive the business forward. We need to find ways to make work enjoyable and rewarding, in line with our own career goals. Ultimately it is up to each and every one of us to make a difference.”

Smiling, he points out; “Famalco is investing in it’s people. The great thing about my role is that I can see the results over time, as both people and business benefit from these changes in the way they work. It’s important to remember that it takes two to tango; the right support and resources to work must be matched with driven and dedicated people wanting to achieve. That is the fastest way to both a successful business and happy employees!”

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